(Sparse) December 2021 LEGO Store Calendar Out Now

lego santa instore gwp banner

It may come across as somewhat ironic, but during December LEGO Store Calendars are remarkably bare-bones. Sure, new sets release on the first of the month for Holiday shoppers to hunt down. But in terms of promotions and events the store calendars aren’t filled out. We have this on good authority from The Brick Fan, which also revealed the December 2021 LEGO Store Calendar. We’re also pretty sorry for running slow on that compared to previous months. Anyway, here’s the December calendar so you can see for yourself. It does only have one unique promo.


Gift with Purchase
  • Santa Claus (30580)LEGO purchases over $40, in-store only, Dec 1-14 or while supplies last


And that’s all she wrote. True, there is a LEGO Holiday Truck Tour event, but that’s really location-dependent. You can check here if you want to confirm. There are some LEGO sets launching right this December 1, like the Disney “Encanto” movie tie-ins. Enjoy getting that buildable Santa Claus set (pictured above) as a reward for doing your Holiday LEGO shopping early.

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