150th BrickHeadz Set (“Star Wars” 40539) Might Be Ahsoka Tano

lego brickheadz star wars

Back in 2020 LEGO asked fans who they would like depicted on the milestone 150th LEGO BrickHeadz set. They did so by opening a poll on LEGO Ideas. Four franchises were represented: Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch,” “Star Wars,” “Minecraft” and killer shark film “Jaws.” “Star Wars” won out, with LEGO promising to email voters with a tease for which franchise character will be represented. To the BrickHeadz corner of the LEGO collecting community, one character deserves to be BrickHeadz set 40539. Recently, the anticipated LEGO email reached Ideas members who voted “Star Wars.” Its teaser image seemed to be confirmation.

40539 teaser

So according to German LEGO news source Promobricks, that BrickHeadz face can only belong to Jedi Padawan/survivor Ahsoka Tano. Further evidence can be dug up at the LEGO.com Building Instructions page. Searching for 40539 brings up a set named for Ahsoka, due next year. No further details are given there, but this set could only be the long-awaited BrickHeadz #150. Promobricks also fills in the blanks with what could be rumored product info for 40539. It would be priced at €9.99 ($11.32 direct conversion) and will launch on January 1.

Bear in mind that the above must remain classified as a rumor until LEGO gives official word. Given the New Year’s release date, confirmation for BrickHeadz Ahsoka Tano(?) (40539) wouldn’t be long coming. Promobricks even wagers the reveal could happen this coming weekend! Let’s wait and see how that goes.

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