“LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia New Edition” Features Free Exclusive Val-Zod Superman Minifigure

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LEGO visual encyclopedias produced by UK publisher DK tend to release new editions every few years. That’s only natural. LEGO constantly releases new sets and minifigure characters that need referencing sooner or later. So why bother buying new volumes of the technically the same LEGO books? How about the exclusive minifigs you get from the cover? In the case of DK’s LEGO DC Visual Dictionary/Character Encyclopedia, their exclusives tend to be uncommon DC characters. Said characters tend to be variants of well-established DC superheroes. The upcoming LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia – New Edition is no exception. What a deep comic-book cut their exclusive cover minifigure is.


According to Brick Fanatics, buyers of the new LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia from DK can get a rare Val-Zod minifig. In simple terms, Val-Zod is Superman in DC Comics’ Earth-2 continuity. For a more detailed explanation, this is Earth-2 as established in DC’s “New 52” franchise revamp/”reboot” in 2011. Val-Zod is another Kryptonian survivor: an orphan cared for by Jor-El and a friend of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl). He is of the same family as classic Superman foe General Zod, but explaining that will take too much time. But don’t worry. Val-Zod earned being called Superman.

The minifigure’s design capture’s Val-Zod’s most iconic looks as bearer of the Superman title in his Earth-2 continuity. One reason for him getting a LEGO minifig might be early franchise promotion. You see, HBO Max is developing a streaming series about Val-Zod. As for the LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia – New Edition, it’s priced at $21.99 and due to release in May next year. Amazon preorders are now available.

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