Rumor: 7 LEGO Minecraft Sets Coming Summer 2022

LEGO 21183

LEGO Minecraft proves itself to be one of the busiest licensed-IP themes in the LEGO catalog. This past New Year’s Day we welcomed no less than six new sets in the line. There’s nothing quite like more LEGO Minecraft to expand your brick-built “Minecraft” world. But is that all that the theme’s getting for the year 2022? Of course not; but what else will be coming? Well, Brick Fanatics reports that a US online toy retailer has new LEGO set numbers listed. They’re unnamed, but have retail prices and indicators that they’re for LEGO Minecraft.

It seems that Eugene Toy & Hobby had, for a time, listed seven LEGO set numbers for new “Minecraft” stuff. We checked their website ourselves and they’re not there anymore. But if Brick Fanatics spotted them then we can at least mark this down as a rumor. We thus have the following bare-bones details on the alleged upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets. These are supposed to launch this summer of 2022:

  • 21184 – $24.99
  • 21185 – $34.99
  • 21186 – $49.99
  • 21187 – $99.99
  • 21188 – $129.99
  • 21189 – $34.99
  • 21190 – $39.99

As can be seen, the first set number follows immediately from The Training Yard (21183), released on January 1. We’ve also got a nice price spread with one “big” set worth 3 digits. All told, this supposed summer 2022 LEGO Minecraft set blitz is shaping up nicely. Of course, we remind readers that we consider this info as rumor until more details appear, preferably from LEGO.

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