LEGO Star Wars The Trash Compactor (75329) to be Revealed in Walmart Collector Con this March 24

garbage chute

Usually, upcoming LEGO set reveals are done by the company itself. It tends to go down in their online shop too, for obvious reasons because the product listings go there. But sometimes new LEGO stuff could be unveiled somewhere else, by another hand not necessarily of LEGO’s. This might happen with a LEGO-carrying major retail brand like Walmart. Beyond mere set discounts, Walmart also boasted some exclusive multi-set value packs in the past. But their upcoming event for collectors of toys and more will serve as a stage for an unveiling. Apparently LEGO has a new set to introduce there.

This comes to us courtesy of The Brick Fan. Thursday next week, March 24, will see Walmart hold the Collector Con. This convention will see some new toy releases and launches, including from LEGO. Fancy a new LEGO Star Wars set based in the original movie trilogy? LEGO looks to be dipping far back into the original 1977 “Star Wars” film with The Trash Compactor (75329). Franchise fans will recall Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca being momentarily trapped in the Death Star’s waste disposal. We can expect minifigs of the OG “Star Wars” heroes (with Luke and Han in Stormtrooper gear). Possible other features include the compacting walls and maybe a buildable Dianoga trash monster.

Walmart Collector Con will run March 24 to 25. Collectors will be given time windows to order their fave products three times per day. Going by Pacific Standard Time, these will be at 7AM, 12NN and 5PM. Walmart also plans more Collector Con events later on, coinciding with SDCC in July and NYCC in October.

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