2022 LEGO Easter Seasonal GWP (40527) Available Early at Certified Stores in Australia

40527 1

While LEGO keeps to a timetable in launching their newest upcoming sets, it doesn’t always happen without any deviations. Sometimes some sets or GWPs would be delayed in coming or never show up at all. Conversely, these items might appear on store shelves before their official launch date as given by LEGO. This could happen even in certified or branded LEGO Stores. We even touched on one such case of early availability not long ago. As it happens, a new seasonal GWP set for this year has popped up before its time, just Down Under.

Brickset has it that certified LEGO Stores now have available the Easter 2022 seasonal GWP has appeared in Australia. Said Easter gift with purchase set (40527) can now be found in several Australian certified LEGO Stores. It wasn’t specified however if these items were conventionally purchasable, or have their GWP pricing active. The GWP consists of a buildable Easter egg and two yellow chicks. It’s possible that the egg is big enough to contain the chicks once assembled. Under normal circumstances, LEGO would launch the 40527’s GWP period on April. For Aussie collectors though, they may have an early start.

Don’t confuse this with the purchasable seasonal Easter Rabbits Display (40523), which launched this February.

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