Redditor Recreating “Pokemon” Kanto Region with Bricklink LEGO

LEGO MOC Pokemon Kanto

LEGO partnering with videogame companies to make licensed tie-in sets has been one of their best decisions in recent years. Fans have never been happier getting to build anything from game levels to vehicles to cyber-creatures. The first item warrants special mention. Who knew making LEGO versions of “Super Mario” or “Sonic the Hedgehog” levels could be such big hits? And those are just the official releases. LEGO builders have been doing it for longer, and with gaming IP’s yet to be considered. Now, it’s been a while since we featured interesting LEGO MOCs that aren’t Ideas hopefuls. Here’s one that LEGO ought to consider.


We found this courtesy of Game Rant, which featured a Redditor recreating the Kanto Region from “Pokemon” in LEGO. User Buscags1 posted his work on the r/Pokemon Reddit, using Bricklink’s LEGO software to depict the in-game Kanto regional map. Thus far he has recreated Pallet Town and Viridian City plus connecting Routes. Also featured are Diglett’s Cave, Viridian Forest and its bypass area. Features include micro-buildings in towns, and plants tiles of varying heights representing grass/trees. The details actually check out if you compare the images to a map in “Pokmon” games featuring Kanto.


Buscag1 notes on r/Pokmon that it takes him several days on to render each section. Still, he plans to complete the entire Kanto Region eventually. Even better, Buscag1 is also apparently going to get on the Johto Region in future. When that’s done, both LEGO Pokemon MOC recreations of the first two videogame regions will be connected. One might wonder if he could be encouraged to submit this to LEGO Ideas too. That might give LEGO more Nintendo franchises to make tie-in sets out of.

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