LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set Available in LEGO Stores in Mexico

lego taco stand gwp

LEGO Mexico unveils a collectible gift-with-purchase (GWP) set inspired by the iconic taco stand, available exclusively in LEGO Stores across Mexico. LEGO fans in Mexico are in for a treat as the LEGO Group’s Mexican division introduces the new LEGO Taco Stand GWP set centered around the famous taco stand. This limited edition set promises to be a delightful addition to any LEGO collection, especially if you’re into building and collecting LEGO City sets.

Discovering the LEGO Taco Stand GWP

The LEGO Store in Mexico, known as legostoresmx on Instagram, has officially announced the arrival of a new and exciting gift-with-purchase. This particular GWP set pays homage to the beloved Mexican culinary tradition of tacos and captures the essence of a vibrant Taco stand in the form of LEGO bricks.

Exclusive Availability of the LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set at LEGO Certified Stores in Mexico

lego taco stand gwp

This LEGO promotional set, named and certified as LCS MX Special GWP Taco Stand, is specifically designated for LEGO-certified stores in Mexico. The title itself indicates that this unique set will remain exclusive to LEGO enthusiasts within Mexico’s borders. This exclusivity adds an extra layer of allure to the LEGO Taco Stand GWP, especially since it is made clear that it will not be offered anywhere else.

Limited Time Availability and Pricing Details

Though the official announcement makes it clear that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP has already been rolled out starting May 12, it does not specify until when the offer will expire. But it is right to assume that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set will be available in Mexico for a limited period, or until supplies last.

To secure this collectible set, LEGO customers will need to make a qualifying purchase of $3,999 MXN, equivalent to around $227 USD as per current currency conversion rates.

Taking a Closer Look at LEGO Taco Stand GWP Set

The LEGO Taco Stand GWP set showcases an intricately designed build that features a minifigure cook positioned behind a counter. Alongside the minifigure, a trompo (or a traditional rotating meat grill) and an assortment of toppings await for LEGO minifigures to craft and enjoy their perfect taco creation. An eye-catching archway adorns the backdrop, housing two bowls and a counter design promoting the LEGO tacos.

Will There be Building Instructions for This?

Due to the set’s distinct name and thematic focus, it is highly unlikely that the LEGO Taco Stand GWP will be available outside of Mexico. Nevertheless, for those residing elsewhere who desire to experience the joy of this taco stand-inspired set, the possibility of recreating is not far-fetched. If the unique designs on the set are not printed, LEGO fans can somehow replicate this build. Especially if there’s a kind soul out there might share the building instructions in creating this piece.

LEGO collectors and fans of Mexican cuisine alike can rejoice as the LEGO Taco Stand GWP set offers a captivating and exclusive addition to LEGO collections. With its intricate design and vibrant representation of a cultural icon, this limited edition set promises to be a cherished item for LEGO fans in Mexico.

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