Another LEGO SDCC 2018 Exclusive: Aquaman and Storm (75996)

Following yesterday’s reveal of LEGO’s SDCC 2018 exclusive, Millennium Falcon Cockpit (75512), we now have a second San Diego Comic Con exclusive LEGO set that pays tribute to DC’s Aquaman. This version of the hailed King of Atlantis and Justice League member is based on the classic comic book character which sees him riding together with his faithful seahorse companion, Storm. The LEGO DC Superheroes Aquaman and Storm (75996) comes in 197 pieces that features 4 smaller builds, and an Aquaman minifigure. Same as yesterday’s reveal, this particular set does not contain any special parts or printed pieces. You may even try to build one on your own just by ordering the parts needed over at Bricklink. Furthermore, the Aquaman minifigure is the same as that found on earlier sets like 2013’s Arctic Batman vs Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice (76000), except for the different choice of hairpiece. What convention attendees may find attractive though, is its uniquely designed box packaging which comes with an old-school, classic VHS-type look.

75996 1

75996 2

However, between the Millennium Falcon Cockpit and the Aquaman and Storm (75596) set, I find the latter more attractive. I like the inclusion of the animal-type pieces and Storm’s build is pretty spot on. Again, we have to wait for the details of how convention attendees can get their hands on this next exclusive. Most likely, purchasing this set will be based on a lottery system so as to discourage scalpers to have the better hand.


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