Brick Show’s Latest Tutorials Kicks Off With the Most Adorable Monster Builds from Tyler Clites!

Those of you who remember seeing several of the MOCs that we featured here before such as the googly eyed Resistance Fighters from Star Wars TFA, and Captain America from MCU’s Civil War, may recall that these fun builds were the brainchild of master builder Tyler Clites. Going by the name Legohaulic over at his Flickr page, Tyler has carved a name for himself within the LEGO users and building community for his brilliantly fun, and humorous creations.

4th Awakens Iron Man and Cap

Tyler’s love for the LEGO brick began when he was 2 years old and has been an avid builder since then. He started sharing his brick-built creations during his teen years and was quickly noticed by fellow LEGO users for his distinct building style. Recently, he launched his own website, The Creation Nation, where he inspires young builders to think creatively and come up with their own builds.

Tyler 2 Tyler 3

So imagine our excitement when Brick Show finally had the chance of featuring Tyler’s work over on YouTube. The best part of it is that he also teaches how to build them in a fun, and entertaining way. Kicking off with the first batch of builds dubbed as The Monster Series, Tyler features two unique critters: Squirbble and The Libble Twins.

Monster Series

At first, Tyler’s concept behind the series may look quite the same as that of LEGO’s discontinued Mixels theme, but a closer look at these little, cute monsters shows how Tyler adds his unique building style into the mix by giving it a more natural, and organic feel. His balanced use of the SNOT (‘studs not on top’) technique plus the inclusion of some movable parts into the build, are absolutely brilliant. Check out these videos and see if you can also build Squirbble and The Libble Twins using whatever LEGO bricks that you have.

Be sure to keep tabs with Brick Show’s YouTube channel for more of Tyler’s exciting creations in The Monster Series. Let us know what you think about this new series in the comments below, and share your similar creations through our official Facebook page.


Happy building!



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