“Building a Dream” Tells The Story of How The LEGO House in Billund Was Built.

LEGOLAND theme parks in several countries around the world are really great and all, but The LEGO Group is also giving plenty of attention to their one alternative attraction located just right at their doorstep. We’re referring of course to The Home of the Brick, or LEGO House for short.

That wonderful place over in Billund, Denmark has had a run of sweet events and promotions, catering to local and international tourists over the past several months. Now, their latest treat for visitors is actually something they can pick up and bring home with them: the story of LEGO House.

When dropping by at the Home of the Brick gift shop, guests can buy a copy of a black, white and yellow hardbound entitled “Building a Dream”. The book is a printed documentary of sorts narrating the development and actual construction of LEGO House, as told in several executive interviews.

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Source persons interviewed for “Building a Dream” include Kjeld Kirk Christiansen, grandson of founder Ole Kirk and third-generation owner of The LEGO group who’s the visionary behind the concept of the Home of the Brick; former CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp and LEGO House chief architect Bjarke Ingels also contribute viewpoints.

The Home of the Brick took about seven years to be fully realized, with it only opening last year on September. That occasion was covered by international press and graced by the presence of the Danish Royal Family, a visible indicator of how integrated LEGO is with its Denmark homeland.

“Building a Dream” is printed in English for the consideration of LEGO’s international fans. Its first print edition is only 2,000 copies, so supply is initially limited. The price is 249 DKK and only available in the LEGO House gift shop in Billund. Come pick one up while you’re there.

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