Replacing the Leviathan Ship in LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) with Trimmed-Down Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286).

It’s been said before and we’ll say it here again, the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle, set number 21313, is one of the most impressive products yet to be produced in the line. It’s so intricate and “antique-looking” enough to earn a place of honor on a shelf-top.

One other awesome characteristic of the Ship in a Bottle (21313) is the fact that it’s highly customization-friendly, especially in terms of what you’d like to display inside the bottle. Several builders have already noticed this and decided to replace the default model flagship Leviathan with some other ship or vehicle.

Daniel Konstanski of Brick Fanatics has decided to put his own unique spin on the Ship in a Bottle (21313) by mixing it with one of his favorite LEGO System builds, the beautifully retro Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286). From the box picture alone, you know it’ll look great inside the display bottle for sure.

6286 1

There is one problem, however: the default dimensions of the LEGO Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286) are too long and too tall for the Ship in a Bottle (21313) set to contain. Daniel solved that problem by scaling down the hull size by removing some bricks from the default build and adding elements that maintain the model’s original shape and color scheme.

Next, the sails were replaced by smaller LEGO-brick reproductions (plus reduced in number) and the rigging was done away with. Once completed, the shrunken Skull’s Eye Schooner (6286) was able to snugly fit in the 21313 display bottle, snugly enough to not require the Leviathan’s stabilizing tiles at the bottom.

Once finished, the result is as seen in the top image. It’s a beautiful and smartly assembled MOC that will certainly inspire other owners of the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) to start experimenting with what’s inside. Visit Brick Fanatics for more photos of Daniel Konstanski’s Skull’s Eye Schooner in a Bottle.

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