Business Mag “Fast Company” Ranks LEGO at 6th of Its “Top 10 Innovative Consumer Electronics Companies”

Of all the technical-geared products that LEGO has rolled out over the years, it is the Boost line that’s been put at the forefront as of late. It started getting some new compatible sets after quite some time since its original launch, the latest being the LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer (70652).

Now, Boost has done The LEGO Group one great benefit. It has helped the company gain renewed prominence in business circles by being listed on the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Consumer Electronics List by business publication Fast Company.  Of the ten companies in the list, LEGO ranked number 6.

As stated, Fast Company put LEGO on its innovative companies in consumer electronics due to the impressive potential of LEGO Boost, the combined mechanical and electronic programming system behind its initial Creative Toolbox (17101). Its most impressive feature was having users coding motion data for Boost builds via mobile app.

On its public statement announcing their ranking of LEGO in their Top Ten list, Fast Company noted how LEGO Boost, introduced back in 2017, was an electronic innovation that would “further bridge the divide between physical and digital play”. Further praise was given to the simplicity of Boost’s coding software.

Aside from LEGO Boost, Fast Company also gave credit to the toy giant’s family-oriented social network, LEGO Life, where children could share their brick-built creations with friends. The LEGO Group’s chief marketing officer Julia Goldin said in response to their listing that LEGO’s play experiences are geared for “future innovators”.

This is a spot of good news for LEGO in light of reports that some of its global markets like Germany have suffered a sales decline, portending a possible slow loss of appeal for its products in their traditional bulwarks. They’ve been expanding in new areas like China in response.

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