LEGO DK Books to Watch Out For This Year.

LEGO partners once again with book publisher Dorling Kindersley for another wave of excellent books that also comes bundled with free, exclusive minifigures and sets. Here are some of the best ones which I hope to have during the next few months. Though LEGO and DK  have not revealed these exclusives minifigs yet, two of these LEGO DK books comes with a great pre-order deal (as much as 22% off) so purchasing them now via Amazon will save you as much as $10. Just click on the titles below for more information.

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path (June, 5, 2018; $19.99)

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path

One hero, 30 endings, unlimited adventures!

Be the hero of this book and choose where to go in the LEGO® Star Wars(TM) galaxy. Learn how to battle, who to team up with, which side of the Force to join, plus much, much more. Read the text, then decide where to go next by selecting one of two options on every page. Do you want to travel around Jakku by speedy quadjumper or by four-legged luggabeast? Will you choose to join the rebels over Scarif, or to fly after the Inquisitor? On Mustafar, do you dare to battle Anakin, or will you join him on the dark side of the Force?!

Navigate the book and learn all about key LEGO Star Wars characters, creatures, vehicles, and locations. Every page is packed full of facts, stats, and stunning photographs of LEGO Star Wars sets, minifigures, vehicles, and characters. Once you reach an ending, go back and see where the paths will take you next time!

LEGO Star Wars: Choose Your Path comes with a cool LEGO Star Wars minifigure to join you on your adventures through the galaxy.

LEGO NINJAGO Build Your Own Adventure Greatest Ninja Battles (August 7, 2018; pre-order price of $19.56 from $24.99)


An ideas-filled book that comes with a LEGO® NINJAGO® minifigure and exclusive model

Children will be inspired to create, play, and learn all about the awesome LEGO® NINJAGO® world. This build book combines more than 50 novel ideas for building with captivating story starters. It features five separate stories of the ninja’s greatest battles with their enemies the Anacondrai, Ghost Army, Sky Pirates, Vermillion, and the new 2018 villains: the Sons of Garmadon. Get building, then play out adventures of your own using your LEGO collection. The book comes with the bricks to build an exclusive vehicle that is featured in the story as well as a fold-out play mat and a bookmark.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Visual Dictionary (September 4, 2018; pre-order price of $17.13 from $21.99)

LEGO DC Superheroes


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