Check Out This Incredible LEGO Civil War Animation!

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Over the past few years, a very popular YouTuber under the name of Keshen8 has released a large variety of LEGO animations, all of which are hilarious and incredibly well animated to say the least. 

Normally however, his videos contain large levels of profanity and/or graphic violence (yes, surprisingly you can do that with LEGO) so we haven’t really shared much of his work previously as it isn’t very child-friendly. However, his latest animation, simply entitled “LEGO Civil War”, is free of foul language and, whilst it is action-packed, doesn’t include any graphic violence (such as blood). As such we thought it’d be worth a share!

The new animation, which is based off of the “Captain America: Civil War” film, is easily one of the best brick-films ever in terms of the quality of the production; the camera angles, special effects, sound effects and dialogue are brilliant, so much so that I almost wish that his version is the fight we get in the actual movie (almost, but not quite, since that Airport Fight was awesome).

You can check it out by following this link

As said previously, a lot of his other videos aren’t very child friendly at all, and there aren’t many exceptions to this, so I’d advise to use discretion before viewing his other content.

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