Get Ready To Enter The Magical World of LEGO With Bricks Magazine Issue #16!

If there is perhaps one thing that every child (and childlike adults too) knows about LEGO, is the fact that it transports you to fantastical places where imagination and creativity reign supreme. From castles and kingdoms, to  steam-powered contraptions, there are no nook and cranny of inspired imagination where LEGO bricks cannot touch.

Issue #16 of Bricks Magazine exactly has this in mind with its closer look within the magical walls of the LEGO Disney Castle (71040), the eerie kingdom of the evil sorceress Ragana where she reigns from her Magic Shadow Castle (41180), several Steampunk-inspired LEGO builds, and the chillin’, classic build of the LEGO Creator VW Beetle (10252).

Here’s Bricks Magazine official press release with a couple of snippets of what you can expect from Issue #16.

Raising the standard

Bricks issue 16 scales the castle walls, wonders at the world of steam punk and how to accessorise the VW beetle and camper. 

Be they fantastical or historical, castles have long been of interest in the LEGO world. That is probably why they continue play a prominent role in the ever growing portfolio of LEGO products. We have seen everything from pink sparkling homes for princesses to haunted vampire retreats, classic fortresses and even futuristic castles mounted on caterpillar tracks. We have been spoilt for choice, with every taste catered for. 


71040 The Disney Castle is the latest offering, and arguably the most iconic of all castles. Bricks delves inside these magical walls to discover all the secrets and nods to the Disney franchise. Every room and brick is explored to discover how this mammoth set captures all that is wonderful in the world of Disney.




Lucy Boughton catches up with our favourite dragon, Miku, for the concluding part of the Elves dragon search which includes a dangerous encounter at Ragna’s Shadow castle, will she make it back safely! There’s a visit to the Mad Hatter’s house a detailed exposé of Michael Kalkwarfs modular castle system before James Pegrum illustrates how to build circular towers. This month we also look at the highly fantastical genre of Steampunk. We speak with expert builder Rod Gillies as he talks us through this Victorian-inspired alternate universe. We meet some amazing steampunk-style Ultra Agents before looking at the LEGO offerings that have been inspired by this style. 



In addition to all this we get up close with the new Volkswagen Beetle set and explore some aftermarket kits specifically designed for it. 


As always, there’s also set reviews, loads of amazing MOCs from around the world and much more to discover. Enjoy the issue and keep building.

With 124 pages packed full of inspirational models and exclusive features Bricks is the premier LEGO fan magazine. With a price of just £4.99, why accept anything less?

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