First Images of the New LEGO City Passenger and Cargo Trains

It looks like it’s not just the LEGO Technic Rough Terrain Crane (42082) that was revealed earlier during the Russian Toy Fair, but we also have a first look at the new LEGO City train sets that will be available this August. If you recall, we first made mention of these sets back in January when they were first announced during the Nuremberg Toy Fair. However, same as with any other exclusive toy fairs, LEGO has been quite firm in preventing any unwanted leaks. But this time around LEGO seemed to have relaxed on the restrictions, and has allowed fans and visitors of the toy fair to take some pictures and to share them to the rest of the LEGO fan community.

Thanks to Instagram user dimaks_lego,  we can now have an idea on how these new LEGO City train sets will be like. Frankly speaking, these new sets do not have so much of a difference as compared to previous ones like the High Speed Passenger Train (60051) and the similarly named Cargo Train (60052) both from 2014. What makes it interesting though is the option of having it motorized using LEGO’s latest Power Functions 2.0. The selling point here is the new configuration and design of the controller that allows better, fine-tuned controls over the power functions.  Check out the images below.

LEGO City Passenger Train (60197)


LEGO City Cargo Train (60198)


Both the LEGO City Passenger Train (60197) and Cargo Train (60198) will be released sometime in August.

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  1. For those City passenger trains, I really wish they had additional train segments as sets you could get. On that point, why are not all the train cars individual sets as well?

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