LEGO Teases Its Next Video Game Title – LEGO DC Supervillains

A rather mysterious WB Games website has appeared just moments ago, teasing on what seems to be LEGO’s next video game title. The site features a countdown timer set to end on Wednesday next week, with plenty of visual clues that points out to the chaotic work of popular DC Super Villain characters, the Joker.

chaos is coming

Several of LEGO’s social media sites such as the one for LEGO Games and LEGO Batman Game over on Facebook, have also upped the ante with their banners seemingly defaced by these characters. Their Twitter page seems to have also been vandalized with the words “Legion of Doom Rulz” written all over it. In case you don’t know, the Legion of Doom is a group of DC supevillains formed under the helm of Lex Luthor in opposition to the Justice League. The Legion is composed of characters such as Clayface, Poison Ivy, Sinestro, Black Manta, Scarecrow, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, and the Riddler just to name a few.

dc supervillains

If you recall, we reported on an ‘accidental’ listing made by Walmart on a LEGO DC Villains video game title a couple of weeks ago, and that this game us rumored to have an exclusive, promotional minifigure included with it. The said Walmart listing was immediately taken down, but not without eagle-eyed LEGO fans snapping a screenshot of it.

banner lego dc villains 1

We’re not sure if the big reveal next week will lead to a teaser trailer or a full game reveal, and since this year’s  E3 is just around the corner, then it will not come as a surprise if we get to hear more about this game during this year’s biggest video gaming event. The timing of its announcement pretty much follows the same timeline as that of the LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 which was launched last year, and was also given the spotlight during 2017’s E3. If WB Games and LEGO intend it to be its biggest video game release of 2018, then we can somehow expect that it will be given the same grand treatment as that of its predecessor.

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So what do you think brick fans? Who among the DC supervillains do you like to see as a playable LEGO video game character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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