Go Retro With This Fully-Functional, Custom LEGO Nintendo Arcade Cabinet

We can never be certain when we say that a LEGO MOC we see online is the greatest custom build ever done, because sooner or later it will be overturned by another work. And this new MOC is impressive in execution, not to mention fully functional, seeing guaranteed frequent use.

Builder Helen Sham made an MOC geared for fans of retro video-gaming by constructing an arcade game cabinet using LEGO bricks. The build is about the size of an actual arcade game, but compensates for the smaller dimensions by filling it to the brim with gaming details to geek over.

According to Sham, her LEGO arcade cabinet was the fruit of six hours’ design work and 27 hours of actual building using 15,000 individual LEGO bricks. The finished work is about over five feet tall and weighs close to 30 kilos, that being the combined weight of the bricks and the retro Nintendo console emulator the cabinet was built over. Watch this video for a closer look. Thanks to Brothers Brick for sharing this video.

Yep, console. One can tell from the screenshots of the game at work on the cabinet’s screen. The brick-formed details were a dead giveaway too; Nintendo’s Donkey Kong may have had an arcade version, but pairing it with the NES-released Super Mario 2 clinches things.

Still, the whole package is a beauty, and the controls work too. Helen Sham has done a solid one for both fans of Nintendo and LEGO builders everywhere. About the only con we can see about this MOC cabinet is it’ll be hard to clean, especially if played on often.

Author: Albert Balanza

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