It’s a No-Show for LEGO’s 2018 Summer Sets at These International Toy Fairs.

The 2018 London Toy Fair is ready to kick-off this Tuesday, and as much as many are excited to see what is hot and what is not among various toy companies and exhibitors, it is quite sad to know that LEGO has shied away from attending this year’s London Toy Fair as we reported a few days ago.  Whether due to its underwhelming fiscal year, or as a way of keeping a tight lid on the recent waves of 2018 summer set leaks, LEGO has decidedly written off London from its list of annual 2018 toy exhibits.

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Now, for those who are hoping to see LEGO unveiling its upcoming 2018 Summer sets, well, we might not as well put our hopes too high. Brickset has received information that even though the much anticipated New York Toy Fair is just a few weeks away, the LEGO Group has also decisively placed its 2018 summer sets under wraps by not showing any of them during the NYTF. Instead, LEGO will only put on display products that will be launching during the first half of this year or until May. Those who were invited to attend NYTF’s preview party were already told that the LEGO Group will not be showing any of their summer sets from June onwards, and other related products during this event.

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Again, nothing much was said about LEGO’s reasons for holding these back, but we can only speculate that the reason may again, has something to do with their own ill-fated timing of releasing early images to some retailers that eventually led to the waves of leaks that we’ve seen during the past few weeks. From LEGO Marvel Superheroes Infinity War sets, to Han Solo, and even the closely guarded LEGO CMF Series 18, none of these much awaited sets will make their debut at the show floor of the Javits Convention Center in NY.

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Those residing in Germany and are looking forward to the Nuremberg Toy Fair, should also put in mind that while LEGO fan sites were invited to grace the occasion, LEGO has placed certain severe reporting and photo restrictions over at their booth. It is wise not to expect that much from Nuremberg as well.

All in all, it is a rather bleak and disappointing year for LEGO as far as these reveals are concerned. With even more secrecy thinly concealing what the online community already knows, LEGO fans are feeling the brunt of the prolonged delay of having these 2018 summer sets officially revealed. For the meantime, I guess we just have to make our imagination work for us, as we go through the various descriptions of these 2018 LEGO summer sets, and if you are raring to see these images anyways, then I’m sure you’ll know how to find them.



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  1. Yes bleak year for Lego,, but darn ,, if they focused again on themes besides the Star Wars and Marvel and super heroes,, they might get some of us back,, Market is too satuarated with all these. I remember popping in to see what new theme they were going to come out with, Now im like okay what Star war sets are they going to redo now or what new Marvel set now,, allot of us are just not into that and Lego has left us in the curb/ ( just my opinion )

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