LEGO Attempts To Set A New World Record For The Tallest LEGO Brick Tower in the World

Last January, the local residents of Tel-Aviv, Israel have embarked on a grand project of constructing the world’s tallest brick-built LEGO tower. Still awaiting the final confirmation from Guinness World Records, this tower has been reported to stand stall at a staggering 118 feet. The story behind the construction of this tower is as moving as seeing the actual build itself.

However, it looks like this LEGO-inspired structure will be seeing a contender anytime soon. In celebration of its 50th year of inception, LEGOLAND Billund will be hosting a series of commemorative events to mark the occasion, and one of which is to attempt to break the current world record of creating the tallest LEGO-brick structure there is. From June 26 to 30, visitors of LEGOLAND Billund will have the opportunity of joining in this momentous project by helping in building some parts of the tower. This is a fitting conclusion for this year’s month –long celebration  of the theme park’s golden anniversary. Here’s what LEGOLAND Billund has to say.

legoland billund

LEGO World Record Tower

26-30 June, 2018

Do you also love building with LEGO® bricks? Then come to LEGOLAND® and help us build the world’s tallest tower. We will need the entire country’s LEGO® builders, if we are to beat the current record, which is of more than 36 meters. We will close the birthday month with this amazing LEGO® event, and we hope that you will come and help us. We believe that we will break the record – but not without you!

If you wish to be a part of this historic event, and to enjoy the many LEGO treats awaiting visitors at LEGOLAND Billund, you may now book your tickets online. You also get to choose among various options of staying for a day or two, or even have it coupled with a visit to the LEGO House for a more one of a kind LEGO experience.


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