LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Gameplay Shown At The Final Leg of E3 2017

Though the final day of the LEGO video games presentation at this year’s E3 confirmed our suspicions that nothing really new is slated for LEGO Dimensions, it was quite exciting to see how the latest Wave 9 characters will play out on screen. During Day 3 of WB Games’ live coverage, we now get to see how the iconic Beetlejuice is transported in LEGO Dimensions. Arthur Parsons (TT Games’ Head of Design) and James McLoughlin (Game Director at LEGO Dimensions) shared some exciting details on what can be expected from the Beetlejuice Adventure world.

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We also get to see the different places and location in Beetlejuice’s realm, including the Deetz Residence, the model town in the Deetz’ attic, and the classic Waiting Room. Playing as Beetlejuice, you can get to explore the model town in the attic as seen in the 1988 film. Parsons also shared a bit of a trivia, revealing that the Beetlejuice Adventure World was copied from an actual physical model which was later on scanned into the game. The show concluded with a Beetlejuice cosplay contest where the winner gets home to bring a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack and a Beetlejuice Fun Pack (71349), two months earlier of Wave 9’s release date in September 12. Watch the gameplay video below.



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