LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) Revealed!

UPDATE: These images were intentionally blurred – and we all know the reason why.

The reveals just keep on coming. Earlier today, we have what it seems to be our very first image of the next LEGO Ideas set, Ship in a Bottle (21313) by Jacob Sadovich. If you recall back in August, LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) is based on the MOC that Sadovich successfully submitted and approved during the LEGO Ideas Third 2016 Review Stage. Eventually, it topped the rest of the candidates together with my very own, personal favorite Voltron-Defender of the Universe by Leandro ‘Lendy’ Tayag. These two sets were given the thumbs up, seal of approval by the LEGO Ideas Review Team with the Ship in a Bottle finally having a release date of January 17, 2018 as reported by Zusammengebaut.

4633435 Ship in a bottle The Flagship Leviathan

Apparently, LEGO insider afro_man_news1 was able to capture this image which was eventually shared across LEGO fan forums. I have to say that the LEGO Ideas Design Team really poured out their hearts in the thoughtful redesigning of the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle. As any Ideas set, they tweaked on the original design, improved its overall looks, and the result simply wows anyone in their tracks. Check the image below.

ship in a bottle 21313 1

What I love about this Ideas set is the fact on how the designers recreated the base, giving it an overall classic old school look. The designers were also keen in details such as the bottle’s cork and the globe pieces mounted on top of the base. I’m not quite sure if it’s a new piece, but it simply looks gorgeous! The bottle itself is now more streamlined, which gives the set a more natural look. I just feel that the ship itself is a bit underwhelming, quite bulky as compared to the original vision of Sadovich. In any case, the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) is still a very beautiful set which would be a fitting prelude to Voltron once the final product is unveiled. LEGO Ideas has seen a lot of excellent sets recently, and this recent offering further affirms the creative talents of the LEGO Community.

As mentioned earlier, the Ship in a Bottle (21313) is expected to be out on shelves by January 17, so it will  not be long until we see official images of it.

4 thoughts on “LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) Revealed!”

    1. Yeah, it is an awesome set. I love the way how they designed the bottle, but I wish they had stayed with Jacob Sadovich’s original design of the ship which I feel is better than this one. Thanks for the tip about the globes. I little bit of digging at Brickset shows that the globe is actually composed of two parts and labelled as ‘Dome Ø21.53 No. 1 and 2’. Other than the Town Hall (10224) modular, it has also been used on three other sets such as the POTC Captain’s Cabin (4191), MetalBeard’s Sea Cow (70810) and the Batman Classic TV Series-Batcave (76052). I guess the best way to have these globes without breaking the bank is to get the Captain’s Cabin. 🙂

  1. Wow, did they ever ruin a great design. Shall NOT be getting this one — which is sad ’cause I voted for it.

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