More Information About the Summer 2018 LEGO Technic Sets.

While some of the first wave of 2018 LEGO Technic sets is still expected to be out on January 1, it looks like we’re getting more information on what to expect from the LEGO Technic theme this Summer, 2018. Planned to be officially revealed during the New York Toy Fair in February, some preliminary images of these sets have found their way online. As always, we’re playing on the safe side by not revealing the proper images right here, but I will provide you with the set’s title and my first impression on these sets. I’m not really much of a Technic fan, but being a long standing LEGO theme for decades, I am very much impressed about its complexity and STEM-based designs.

Forklift Truck (42079) – 75.29 €


This set comes in a predominantly blue and yellow color scheme and comes with a pallet and a drum-like build of hazardous materials. It also looks like an upgraded version of the LEGO Technic Forklift 8463 released in 2001.

Forest Harvester (42080) – 198.99 €


The Forest Harvester comes in a noticeable lime green, white and yellow color scheme. Another noticeable feature is the large circular red saw piece which is kind of cool together with certain power functions, particularly the Pneumatic System V2.

Volvo Autonomous (42081) – 178.39 €


This set looks more like a streamlined, upgraded version of the Volvo L350F Wheel Loader (42030) released in 2014. The concept behind this set is based on a drone operated loader, equipped with a robotic camera at the back.

Rough Terrain Crane (42082) – 357.79 €


Set 42082 looks like a re-imagining of the Rough Terrain Crane (8270) from 2007. This newer version is noticeably larger and comes in a striking red color scheme. Similar to the Forest Harvester, the Rough Terrain Crane also comes with Power Functions which is the XL Motor system.


As a last note, since these sets are slated to be revealed at the New York Toy Fair, we might as well not expect any official images to be released until such time, so please pardon me for the blurred images.

Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the tip.

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