LEGO Legoland Star Wars Microbuilds Polybag Promos Spotted

May the 4th may all be over, but it looks like there are some plenty of surprises from LEGO that keeps on popping up on eBay. This time around, Minifigure Price Guide shares what seems to be a Legoland promotional during the Star Wars Day celebration. This promotional polybags features some of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars franchise rendered in LEGO bricks following a micro, Miniland style. The style of these builds follows the same style – though obviously smaller in scale – as that of last year’s LEGO in-store DC Super Hero Girls miniland figures.

The sets itself are numbered which suggests that this is not just a particular LEGO store promotional that is unique to the branch where it is found. Though I am not particularly fond of this style miniland builds, I’m impressed on the way they are designed and how they clearly show these famed Star Wars characters of Han Solo, Chewie, Luke and Obi-Wan in just a handful of LEGO bricks. Check out the images below.  Click on the links to see more details over at eBay.

LEGO Legoland Star Wars Promotional Chewbacca (6252808) Polybag


LEGO Legoland Star Wars Promotional Han Solo (6252810) Polybag


LEGO Legoland Star Wars Promotional Obi-Wan Kenobi (6252811) Polybag


LEGO Legoland Star Wars Promotional Luke (6252812) Polybag



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