Strike Fear (and Fun) On The Hearts of Pirates With This LEGO POTC Dead Men Tell No Tales Mini Silent Mary MOC!

Who says only minifigure pirates can have fun on the high seas? The pride of the Spanish Royal Navy is not the kind to shrink down on any type of challenge – even in a micro-build form! Tyler is back once more for another fun and creative build which will strike fear – or should I say fun – in the hearts of the haughtiest pirate. We saw it first as an official LEGO set when the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary (71042) was unveiled during this year New York Toy Fair, and this time you can add it to your growing roster of custom microbuilds thanks to Tyler.

scaled silent mary mini lego

Based from the most recent POTC film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, this fun, little build is also a bit of a challenge for our Master Builder because of its odd shape and design, unlike the first ones that Tyler did for this series. As you may have seen from the film, this spectre of a ship has been notably lacking in terms of its hull so it’s kind of clever of Tyler to add those clear, round brick pieces to stabilize and make the ship look elevated. The tooth and clip pieces were very helpful to recreate the broken and ghostly, rib cage-like hull of the Silent Mary. It also helps to convey that rotted-out look on Captain Salazar’s phantom ship.

Silent Mary 3

Like we see in the film, Tyler opted to have a play feature added to this Silent Mary microbuild by attaching a hinge on the front portion of the ship that lifts up as it swallows other ships along its path.

Silent Mary 4

On the other side, you’ll also see another play feature where the ship’s mast can be lowered as if it is dangling over the water like the ghostly, dilapidated ship that it is. Tyler also added some cannons on each side using those handy, minifigure binocular pieces to replicate the ship’s armaments. It’s kind of cool of how it turned out actually.

Silent Mary 5 Silent Mary 6


Another fun challenge in building this MOC is how Tyler managed to recreate the Silent Mary’s sails. Unlike the ones before it where Tyler used those curved slope pieces to re-enact the sails, this time, he opted to use several tooth/plate pieces to make it look like the tattered, torn sails which we saw in the movie. Tyler also added a bit of motion in these sails by having it dangling on several clips.

Silent Mary 7

And of course, Captain Salazar can fit nicely in the back, sitting in command of his ghostly, fun ship.

Silent Mary 8

Here’s Tyler once again with this nice, little build.

If you like Tyler’s minibuild rendition of the Silent Mary and would like to create your own chibi-sized POTC set, be sure to drop by at to check out its building instructions. While you’re at it, why not complete your roster of POTC mini ships by clicking the other MOCs in this series. Just click on the following thumbnails.

Black Pearl 1 1024x1024 lego flying dutchman 1024x1024 scaled Queen Anne Square Image 1024x1024 e1509915015405





Which is your favorite among these minibuilds? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Happy building!


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