LEGO Releases Building Instructions for 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) Commemorative Set.

2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick patent and one of the nicer promotional, gift with purchase sets that we can expect to celebrate the occasion is the aptly named 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) Commemorative Set. Since its official announcement last December, true-to-heart LEGO fans are now eagerly waiting for this set to be available for from January 28 until February 14, that comes free for a minimum purchase of LEGO sets and items worth $125 and above.

40290 alt1

As a commemorative set, LEGO makes sure that it is a very special one by including some of the most classic LEGO sets ever made during the last 60 years and rendering it in microscale form. Furthermore, the inclusion of the special 2×4 printed tile indicating the 60th anniversary logo is also a beautiful piece to behold.

40290 1

It is expected that this set will stay on top of the must-have list of promotional items for most dedicated LEGO fans, and with a limited run, we can expect that this set might run out pretty fast. As such, LEGO was kind enough to upload via its customer service page, a copy of set 40290’s building instructions and parts inventory. Check out the parts inventory below and see if you have the necessary LEGO pieces to build this set. Other than the unique commemorative 2×4 tile, most of the parts are readily available, so building this set will be a relatively enjoyable experience.

03 6225141
6225141 83
6225141 84


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