Renault Sport’s 40th Anniversary Event To Feature Life-Sized LEGO Model, Workshop and Several Rare Sets.

LEGO has been partnering with real-life brands for so many decades that it has become old hat. Speaking of old hats, Renault Sport has been in the racing scene for four decades now, ever since Groupe Renault established it back in 1976 by combining their sports-car and competition departments at Gordini and Alpine.

Renault Sport has overseen their parent company’s official motor racing participation, especially in Formula One, for 40 years. In commemoration of this milestone, just one decade short of a golden anniversary, Renault has contracted the services of a LEGO Certified Professional who is a trusted partner of The LEGO Group.

The result is three sets of Renault Sport race car models made entirely of LEGO bricks. Note however that, outside of being designed by a LEGO-Certified Pro, these are not official LEGO sets with appropriate numbering. Still, they’re made out of bricks that are as LEGO as they can be.

Renault Sport Formula One Team RS17

828 pieces; only 100 sets made available.

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Renault Sport Formula One Team RS17

110 pieces; only 1000 sets made available.

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Renault RS2027 Vision

Concept vehicle model for Renault’s 50th anniversary, 375 pieces, only FORTY sets made available to retail for €375 each.

lego lcp renault rs2027 vision

All these rare sets will only be available for collectors at the Altelier Renault event in Paris on Saturday, December 9. The said event will also showcase a life-sized RS17 model made out of 300,000 (official) LEGO bricks.

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In addition, there will be a LEGO workshop where attendees can assemble their own custom micro-scale version of said RS17 model. You can find out more from this preview video (in French).

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