LEGO Stop-Motion Version of “Pacific Rim Uprising” Trailer by Brick FORCE Studios

It’s rather a shame that LEGO has no tie-in sets to the Warner Bros.-Legendary Pictures sci-fi monster vs. mecha film franchise Pacific Rim (though a LEGO Ideas entry is trying to change that). Buildable models of the movie’s Jagers would have stolen the thunder from the LMSH Hulkbuster armor (76105).

Still, even without official LEGO sets, longtime LEGO stop-motion animators Brick FORCE Studios hasn’t let that stop them from making a sweet LEGO version of the trailer for the sequel installment, Pacific Rim Uprising. Their video blurb on YouTube says it took them seven weeks, but the results are impressive.

Utilizing a blend of green-screen stop-motion with custom minifigures and LEGO MOCs for the film’s Jager machines, Brick FORCE Studios has keenly replicated all the beats from the movie trailer, using the original sound and vocal tracks to sell the transformation. You’d believe it was an official LEGO PR film.

Pacific Rim Uprising takes place two years after the events of the first film, and involves a resurgence of the kaiju monsters rising from the ocean – and a new generation of Jagers and pilots to stop them. Starring John Boyega and directed by Steven S. DeKnight, Uprising premieres March 23.

Author: Albert Balanza

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