LEGOLAND Windsor Buckingham Miniland Display Celebrates Birth of Royal Baby

One of the themed areas for the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort theme park is Miniland, where a variety of LEGO reproductions of famous buildings around the world are on display. Part of Miniland’s UK exhibits is Buckingham Palace, and this model building just got spruced up in light of recent events.

On Monday, April 23, a new addition to the line of succession for the British throne was born, in the person of the third child of Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. LEGOLAND Windsor joins in the nationwide celebration of the royal birth with this brick-rendered gesture.

Visitors to the UK LEGOLAND’s Miniland area might notice that the LEGO Buckingham palace there now has its gates open, with Paparazzi aiming cameras at the driveway where brick-built figures of the Duke and Duchess stand, a LEGO baby in LEGO-Kate’s arms. They’re joined by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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The LEGO version of the unnamed baby Prince is 5cm in length, made up of 1×2 plates and a blank minifigure head, with a minifigure baby acting as Princess Charlotte’ doll. To the family’s sides are a dog and a LEGO stroller, as well as the official birth announcement easel.

LEGOLAND Windsor model maker Kat James put together this royal birth display; and it’s looking to be a big hit with the human audience as it is with the brick-built crowd at the LEGO palace gates. No word was given as to how long the royal family will be displayed, so it’s best for those who wish to see it, to come running there soon.

LEGOLAND Windsor Royal Prince Baby

Interestingly, LEGOLAND Windsor is pretty close to the real Buckingham Palace. Also, the Duke, Duchess and their children actually live in Kensington. The baby Prince also hasn’t gotten his name announced yet.

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