Facebook Hosts LEGO 60th Anniversary Build Event for LEGO Communities Around the World

It’s April by now, but the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the patenting of the ubiquitous LEGO brick back in January 28 haven’t stopped yet. It’s a good bet that more events to commemorate one of the most iconic toy designs in the world will be happening all year round.

Take for instance this awesome gathering pulled by social network giant, Facebook. It’s easy to see on their platform that plenty of LEGO fan communities all over the world have made FB their social network platform of choice. As such, Facebook saw it fit to invite community representatives to a LEGO celebratory event.

With that, LEGO master builders from Denmark, Norway, Australia, the UK and other countries traveled to Facebook’s corporate HQ at Menlo Park, California to join with their American counterparts in order to participate in an FB-hosted build event led by Master Builder Chris Steininger.

Working with boxes of LEGO sets and plenty of assorted building elements, these assembled builders who have a presence on Facebook went on to build multiple MOCs that they laid out in the front yard of FBHQ. This is the iconic social network’s own contribution to LEGO’s 60th anniversary celebrations worldwide.

Aside from the outdoor build event itself, FB also gave the international builders an open forum for further networking of their other brick-works and activities, as well as taking the assembly on a campus tour of their corporate operations. All in all, it was fun aplenty with LEGO fans having the chance to share their passion for the brick to a whole a new level.

Author: Albert Balanza

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