Looking for a Job? Then You May Want to See How This AFOL Did It.

Here’s something to inspire us. If you’re a fellow AFOL reading this, and you are currently in the process of writing your CV or resume, then you may have realized by now that this is no easy task. Writing a resume that is succinct and comprehensive is a challenge in itself, much more giving it that touch that will somehow make it stand above the rest. The challenge becomes even more daunting when you are applying for a job that requires a great deal of creativity and innovation. As they say, especially in this case, first impressions indeed last.

However, if you are Andy Morris from the UK, a freelance creative artist and a fellow AFOL, then landing your dream job may not be that hard. In fact, you may not even need to arm yourself with pages and pages of curriculum vitae. Perhaps what it takes is just a humble LEGO minifigure.

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Not content with the usual bland, white bond paper printed resume, Andy set forth to find the customized LEGO minifigure that will best represent the likeness of his creative, artistic self. The minifigure that he finally settled for is one that carries a laptop on one hand, and custom printed CV in the other. Giving the minifigure a tinge of exclusivity, Andy then packaged it in such a way that gives it an appearance of being like a Comic-Con exclusive LEGO minifig.

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The front side of the packaging includes his personalized logo, age (printed like a set number), profession, and a blown up illustration of the minifigure. At the back, Andy managed to squeeze in the highlights of his professional career as a creative artist (including an audience with LEGO’s iconic owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen) using only 3 brief paragraphs, and added all of his relevant contact details and presence in the web. As a final touch and to add an element of excitement, Andy placed this ‘Comic-Con resume’ inside a gift box wittingly adding the message, “Unwrap your latest employee”.

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Acclaimed Artist Sets His Resume Apart With A LEGO CV 59c24c668bcd7 880
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The only issue here is that Andy is, indeed of ‘limited availability’. So best of luck to those who are eyeing on him. Here’s Andy with more on his creative process.

My name is Andy Morris and I’m a recent design graduate from the University of South Wales who enlivened my job applications with a unique CV in the form of a LEGO minifigure. I used my design philosophy and experience with toys to create a LEGO minifigure CV that sets me apart from my peers.

My fun take on the classic curriculum vitae comes in the form of a minifigure that resembles my own likeness, holding a laptop in one hand and a miniature custom printed CV in the other. Meanwhile, the packaging has been designed to appear like the exclusive LEGO figures normally reserved for the likes of Comic-Con, while also featuring design elements unique to my work. The entire package and minifigure display the care, detail, and design philosophies that I hold dear, all while conveying my commitment to fun and innovation. This combines to create an interesting CV that sets me apart from my contemporaries while still conveying the necessary information, and proving that everything can be fun if you take the right approach.

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Just head over to Andy’s webpage if you wish to see the rest of his brick-themed projects and galleries, and of course, his minifigure resume.

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