Make Your Own LEGO Star Wars Porgs With These Building Instructions

Star Wars Day celebrations may all well be over, and in case you missed out on one of the LEGO Store highlights during May the 4th which is the Porg Make and Take Build Event, you’ll be pleased to know that here’s your chance to build one of your own. Thanks to Brickset, the building instructions to create this Porg are now available online for everyone to try. So while we’re waiting to see if the UCS-like Porg (75230) will really happen in October, try to see if you have the necessary parts to build this portable avian cutie.

parts porg 1 Page 1

As far as I see it, these parts may be readily available in any moderately-sized LEGO collection, except probably for the new, Roof Rock Tile 4x 4 w/ Angle which can only be found in 7 LEGO sets released last year. Nevertheless, we can always improvise, and the lack of these parts will not affect the main part of the build which is the Porg itself. Take a look at the building instructions below and give it a try. Alternatively, you can download these instructions in PDF format right here. Thanks again to Brickset for making sure that there will be enough brick-built Porgs to go around. Happy building!

porg 1 Page 1

porg 1 Page 2


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