Netflix Features the LEGO House Home of the Brick Documentary

Here’s another Netflix-LEGO video to watch together with the family this weekend. The latest Netflix documentary, the LEGO House – Home of the Brick, is now streaming over at the world’s most popular subscription-based video streaming service.  This latest documentary centers on how the famed LEGO House in the heart of Billund was created from the ground up.

02 netflix LEGO House

It follows the development of the LEGO House from its concept, groundbreaking, planning, and to its first day of opening. It also featured how this vision of the Home of the Brick was born from Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen’s passion of encapsulating the family legacy, while at the same time, offering a one of a kind LEGO experience to children and adults alike.

03 netflix LEGO House

I have seen the documentary already (and I promise, no spoilers ahead) and it is interesting to note the absolute care, and attention to detail and quality that the LEGO Group has poured in making the LEGO House. From hurdling structural challenges to designing the various learning zones, and even planning the meals that will go along inside its robotics-inspired restaurant, the 45-minute documentary traces LEGO’s commitment in providing a truly unique LEGO experience. Seeing how the LEGO House is built to become a testament to the world’s most valuable toy company in its decades of existence, leaves you with a sense of awe and unparalleled admiration towards the LEGO brand. It shows how an almost-bankrupt toy company can rise from a financial quagmire by going back to their roots – the myriad of possibilities contained in a single LEGO brick, and the LEGO House is a spectacular visual reminder of this potential.

If you haven’t seen this documentary, head over to Netflix and subscribe now. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out another Netflix documentary – The Toys That Made Us – that chronicles the humble beginnings of the LEGO Company, and all the highs and lows that they went through to become today’s most valuable toy brand.


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