2018’s Exclusive LEGO Inside Tour Ferguson Tractor (4000025) Revealed

This year’s LEGO Inside Tour has already concluded its first three runs, with two more slated on September 12 to 14, and 19 to 21. The LEGO Inside Tour is an annual event that provides participating fans with a unique look at the inner workings of the LEGO group, and how a LEGO set is made – from its design, production and distribution, until it reaches store shelves.

To make each LEGO Inside Tour truly memorable, it has been customary for LEGO to giveaway an exclusive LEGO Inside Tour set for every registered participant. These sets are considered ultra rare in a sense that each one of them is specifically numbered – there are only around 80 to 100 box sets released in circulation every year for each particular set. Now that the embargo has been lifted on the reveal of these sets (for the benefit of those registered participants who are still slated to join), we can now take a look at this year’s exclusive LEGO Inside Tour The Ferguson Tractor (4000025) set. Check out the images below, courtesy of Zusammengebaut.

4000025 3

4000025 2

The Ferguson Tractor (4000025) set is based on one of the iconic wooden toys that LEGO made during its early years as a toy company, alongside its wooden duck, boat, vehicles and other artifacts. It even earned a spot on the Tree of Creativity inside the LEGO House, forever setting it as one of toys that the LEGO Group is built upon.

4000025 1

In terms of its role and legacy in the life of LEGO as a company, I say that having a brick-built version of the Ferguson Tractor is a pretty good choice of a set. However, in terms of build and design, and coming in at 450 elements, mostly made up of gray colors, I somehow feel that the set’s design could have been better. Last year’s Tree of Creativity (4000024) were packaged in at 1,008 pieces, while 2016’s LEGO Inside Tour set, the LEGO Truck Show (4000022), were offered at 816 pieces.  In my opinion, 2017’s and 2016’s LIT exclusive sets are perhaps the best sets that the LEGO Inside Tour offered as of to date. I love the choice of colors for these sets, and the thoughtful design process that went through them.

If you wish to know more about the LEGO Inside Tour Ferguson Tractor (4000025), Zusammengebaut has an excellent review of this set together with more images of its construction.  So what do you think of this year’s LIT exclusive set? Are you impressed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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