Christmas Building Activity Events All Set at the LEGO House in Billund.

The excitement for now is with Black Friday, but quickly following in its heels is the last big celebration period of every year: the Yuletide Season. A great many global brands and companies have something planned for the occasion wherever they may be in the world, but The LEGO Group is one of those that are definitely on a whole other level when it comes to celebrating Christmas.

As per usual, the center of these Holiday events for LEGO is back in its home country of Denmark, at their company town of Billund. They also have a new festive venue wherein they could really hype up the local residents for the last month of the year: The Home of the Brick or LEGO House.

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It also doesn’t take much of a genius to figure out that these events will involve LEGO brick building, and lots of it. All these will take place in the free-admission Square area of the LEGO House, where guests of all ages will be encouraged to put their builder skills to use in assembling whatever Holiday decors they desire. They’ll even have “Play Agents” on hand to help out with the building if necessary.

Here is the list of special events to be held at the Home of the Brick, courtesy of the LEGO website. Note that it starts on the very day after the special Airbnb hospitality event is held. Residents of Billund and tourists travelling there from late November to December will certainly have lots of LEGO fun there.

LEGO House Christmas Featured

  • 25-26 Nov: We build lots of small trees and plant them all over LEGO Square.
  • 1-4 Dec: We build the big tree (up to 6 meters) and host a charity event with great giveaways.
  • 8-11 Dec: We create decorations for the tree.
  • 15-18 Dec: We make presents for the tree.
  • 22-23 Dec: We add the last details and countdown to Christmas Eve.

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