Latest 2018 LEGO Seasonal Iconic Easter (5005249) Minifigure Revealed.

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We haven’t entered the first quarter of 2018, and yet we already have a glimpse of what LEGO has in store for Easter. Thanks to Bouwsteentjes, we have our very first image of what seems to be our next LEGO Seasonal Iconic Easter minifigure (5005249). 2018’s Iconic Easter minifigure still retains the cardboard box accessory as its predecessors, while the minifigure itself bears a new torso print. Check out the image below.

5005249 1

It seems this kind of minifigure promotional is here to stay. If you recall, last December, we saw the return of the Gingerbread Man CMF from Series 11as a freebie for any qualifying LEGO purchase during last year’s holiday season. This year, we also have two minifig promotional: the Chicken Suit Guy (5004468) and the Caveman and Cavewoman (5004936) set.

5005249 alt3

There are no specifics yet on when, and where we can avail of this latest collectible minifigure, nor did Bouwsteentjes mentioned anything about the source of its image. However, my best guess is that it will make its official reveal soon once the LEGO Store Calendars for 2018 rolls out.

Thanks again to Bouwsteentjes for sharing this image.

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