The LEGO Lester Minifigure (40308) Now Available in LEGO Store Leicester Square.

If you recall from last year’s grand opening of the largest LEGO Store in the world at Leicester Square in London, LEGO fans in the UK were thrilled to know that LEGO went the extra mile by offering a limited edition (only 275 pieces released), Lester minifigure to mark the occasion. However, it is not something that has gone out smoothly since most LEGO fans who visited were quite disappointed to know that they will only qualify to bring home this freebie after reaching a certain purchase threshold AND via a scratch card lottery system. Needless to say, only 275 visitors left the store brimming with smiles during that day.

legostorelondon lester minifigur3

Now a year later, LEGO Leicester Square has a treat for everyone, now that the store offers Lester once more and this time in a polybag version that you can buy right from the store. The new LEGO Lester Minifigure (40308) polybag is now on sale in the said LEGO Leicester Square, retailing for £5.99 (approximately $8) each, and with no qualifying purchases or conditions.

40308 40308 2

It is said that this new Lester minifigure offering seems to be a bit different from the original, particularly with regards to its hat element. Though last year’s Lester minifig still remains to be desired for its impressive packaging similar to Comic-Con offerings, this later polybag version is still a good catch if you wish to bring home with you a part of the largest LEGO store in the world. We just have to see later on if such differences from the original version do exist.

Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up. Images courtesy of CandidBricks via Reddit.


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