The SDCC Force Is Strong With LEGO’s Brick-Built Statue of Luke Skywalker.

Close your eyes… breathe, just breathe… now, reach out… what do you see? Well… I see a LEGO brick-built statue of you, Luke!

Alright, I’m not really good at jokes and these sorts of things, but seeing our next SDCC brick-built statue will probably take our breath away. As impressive as DCEU’s Flash and Thor’s LEGO statues, the legendary Jedi Master himself is now given the life-sized LEGO treatment. As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, this most recent version of Luke Skywalker is the shortest among the three brick-built figures – coming in at 36,743 LEGO bricks. Well, that’s probably OK, since its uber cool to be a vertically challenged Force user (I know, Yoda might be rolling in his grave right now). Alright, enough with the corny jokes. Check these out.

Luke 2 Luke Luke 3

We have a few blessed souls who already made it at SDCC during its preview night, and they took it to Tweeter to share several pics of how these LEGO statues look like on display.

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