These are the Custom Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures That LEGO Must Make!

It is no secret that LEGO has been representing some of the best titles and licenses from every corner of the entertainment world. Ever since The LEGO Group struck gold with its partnership with Disney and Warner Bros., it has never run out of new material – and characters – to immortalize in that iconic LEGO plastic mould. From Star Wars to Marvel, to the Simpsons and Batman, there seems to be no limit to the potential of what LEGO can do with its minifigure renditions. In fact, there is still a lot of room for other official LEGO minifigs that already carry the LEGO brand. One particular subtheme (if one can call it that) is Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. However, like what most Jake and Finn fans know, LEGO didn’t seem to do justice about the highly popular CN series. Sure, we have the LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308) that was released earlier this year; and also don’t forget about the uber cool (and now discontinued) LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack (71245), Team Pack (71246), and Marceline the Vampire Queen Fun Pack (71285). But with only four official LEGO minifigures representing the cartoon series, there is still a lot that we’re missing.

Long before LEGO closed the deal with CN to render the world of Adventure Time into brick-built form, Chris Malec from Buckinghamshire, England already came up with the idea of rendering Jake, Finn, and the rest of the good ‘ol folks from the Land of Ooo, in custom LEGO minifigure form using a medium that has recently caught the fancy of many budding artist – 3D printing. He managed to design an initial 16 Adventure Time minifigures, close to creating a custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures. Take a look at these sweet, gorgeous renderings. Click on the images to have a better look.

Jake the Dog.
Finn the Human.
Princess Bubblegum
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Banana Guard
Magic Man
Lich King
King of Ooo
Party Pat
Gob, Glob, Grod, Grob
Susan Strong
Flame Princess
Ice King

Though they may not feel the same way as compared to a standard LEGO minifigure since they are 3D printed, the level of detail and accuracy, if I may say, exceeds that of LEGO prints. The clean look and finish on these custom CMF is beyond expectations.

The Custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures.

Chris is still working on another series of Adventure Time custom LEGO minifigures and other titles, including another personal favorite, his rendition of a custom LEGO Super Mario Odyssey minifigure. I reckon that if LEGO will ever come with a Super Mario set, THIS is how Mario should like.

Speaking of Mario, be sure to check out Tyler’s latest super cool Custom LEGO Mario from Super Mario Odyssey. It is so great and spot-on that even Brickset took notice. I’ll talk more about that in my next post.

So if you are impressed as much as I am about these custom LEGO Adventure Time Collectible Minifigures from Chris Malec, be sure to check out the rest of his 3D masterpieces right here. Image credit goes to Chris for sharing his creation to the rest of the brick-loving world.


Source: Wired.

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