Want More Stranger Things in LEGO? Watch This.

Now that Netflix’s hit retro sci-fi series, Stranger Things is officially confirmed for a third season run, fans are now excited about how things will turn out in the quiet town of Hawkins, well on the surface that is. Most of us who binged watch all over Season 2 knows for a fact that there are more than meets the eye in Season 2 finale’s episode. The ominous image of the still yet to be named monstrous creature looming over at the Upside Down town of Hawkins is enough for any fan to get hooked and wait excitedly on what the Duffer Brothers will cook up next.

Stranger Things Season 3 is still far off, expected to be back to Netflix sometime towards the end of 2018 or during the early part of 2019. So while waiting, we still have plenty of time to soak in all 17 episodes of the series or, if you’re an avid AFOL and would like to give it a fancy twist, then LEGO stop motion studio Book Shelf Productions has fairly summarized Stranger Things’ Season 2 in a pretty neat 5 minute video – of course, in LEGO bricks. They even have their own version of the streaming giant with their own Netbrix (yeah, right nice one). Check out the video below.

The studio’s stop motion video features some of the most memorable moments in Season 2. We see the kids getting the LEGO treatment in their Halloween Ghostbusters costumes and even up to that climactic moment where we saw Eleven’s awe inspiring powers as she closes the Gate between the Upside Down and the world above. Of course, everything seems to be idyllic when Mike and Eleven finally revealed their mutual feelings during the annual Snow Ball school dance. Needless to say, there is still a lot to expect from Stranger Things’ Season 3 and we can’t just wait to see how things will turn out.

For AFOLs such as myself who are hooked into this 80s inspired sci-fi series, having a piece of Hawkins in LEGO form is one satisfying accomplishment. If you recall, Tyler came up with brick-built version of the Byer’s House from Season 1, together with a cleverly done Demigorgon minifigure which you can easily recreate using the building instructions that you can get from Build Better Bricks. If you’re a LEGO Stranger Things fans such as myself, be sure to check this out and see you once again in the Upside Down.

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