WATCH: New LEGO Incredibles Video Game Launch Trailer

The LEGO Incredibles video game is already out, and to celebrate its release in the US (with a UK and Europe release date of July 13), WB Games has uploaded a new, live-action launch trailer that shows video game fun is best experienced together with the rest of the family. Watch this.

As far as the new video game trailer is concerned, this is the first time that we get a glimpse of Jack-Jack’s vast array of powers, and how awesome he can be both offensively and defensively. True to its cinematic roots, Jack-Jack’s video game character has the ability to shape-shift, turning himself to a flame-engulfed super, to an immensely dense, solid steel, walking paper weight. How I wish we can have that chrome plated version of him in minifigure form.

lego incredibles gameplay

01 lego incredibles gameplay

Disney and Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is now showing in cinemas, and in case you haven’t tried your gaming hands on this latest LEGO video game offering, you can now order your copy of the LEGO Incredibles via Amazon, retailing for $60.

Happy gaming!

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