Bikes to Billund Charity Ride Now Completed

Bikes to Billund

It began with a team of cyclists last week who set out to do something, not because it was easy but because it would be hard. Technically the real origin was with a fundraising drive initiated by the UK’s Fairy Bricks charity, though the real meat was the bike race spectacle and ordeal, from London to LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. The Bikes to Billund charity ride spearheaded by Brickset and Fairy Bricks started last Friday, braving the windstorm season to cross the sea and continue the trip along the European mainland towards Billund, Denmark. They finally arrived at their destination on Thursday, September 27.

Following a journey of 975 kilometers, the six-man charity bike team would be pleased enough to arrive at their destination without incident and on time. But more than that, they were welcomed at LEGO House by the big boss of LEGO, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen himself, who graciously posed with the team for a commemorative photo marking the occasion.

With their task completed, the Bikes to Billund cyclists will be staying awhile to participate in the slate of various LEGO fan activities in the country, such as Skærbæk Fan Weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

In the meantime, the Fairy Bricks fundraising page for Bikes to Billund remains active, clocking now at about 33% of the charity’s goal. It won’t close until December, so generous LEGO fans who enjoyed following the whole Bikes to Billund experience can still donate now. Those who did donate during the duration of the ride now stand a chance to win several copies of Daenerys, the Fairy Bricks charity van.

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