Dubai Breaks Guinness Record for Biggest Awareness Message Built in LEGO

Biggest Awareness Message Built in LEGO

Look into any fairly recent edition of the Guinness Book of World Records (and some of its specific-topic spinoffs) and you’ll find a lot of records that has LEGO, or its products, involved. Many of these listings would be of “largest builds”, whether they’re official sets or some notable MOCs. One LEGO-related record was recently broken on Guinness in the Middle East. While it’s not just another brick-built structure, vehicle or any fantastical creature it’s instead the biggest awareness message built in LEGO. Conceptualized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai, UAE, the message touches on the potential dangers of talking on the phone while driving.

Participants of this LEGO building project and the Guinness World Record  attempt, include RTA staff and local students. Using an approximate total of 140,000 red and blue 1×1 LEGO brick on a wall lined with white baseplates, the builders formed the RTA logo and an awareness message written in Arabic and English: “Your life is worth more than a phone call”.

RTA head Maitha bin Adai said in an address during the building event that their achievement means to send “a loud and clear awareness message” to Dubai motorists, cautioning them against the risks of using of using phones while driving.

Guinness adjudicators were on hand to measure the statistics following the attempt, and confirmed that the brick-build RTA awareness message at the Dubai Festival City complex is now in fact, the biggest awareness message built in LEGO.

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