This Fan-Made LEGO Fallout Video Teaser Trailer Is Eerie Cool

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LEGO fans have longed for the day when their favorite video game titles may be rendered as actual LEGO sets. We already saw this feat achieved with the ground-breaking LEGO Overwatch theme. Many saw this as a positive sign of great things to come, with many fans being hopeful of more LEGO-video games collaboration in the future. While there are still a lot of seemingly impossible licensing obstacles that LEGO needs to hurdle before much of these become a reality, one LEGO fan, in particular, took upon himself to recreate another classic PC role-playing game, giving it a LEGO twist. We featured a pretty accurate MOC based on the game’s recent iteration, and this time around we now have this video trailer with a certain LEGO Worlds vibe, highlighting a custom-made, LEGO Fallout video teaser. See the video for your self.

YouTube video creator Bearly Regal made the video to conceptualize how a LEGO Fallout video game by, say, longtime LEGO game developers WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales might look. He expressed this in the video’s accompanying caption paraphrasing the Fallout series slogan: “LEGO, LEGO never changes.”

Rendering of the Fallout environment for the video was done through the WBI-TT sandbox game LEGO Worlds, available across current video game platforms. The game recently got a “Wild-West” themed DLC.

It seems that the trend of rendering popular film and video game trailers into LEGO bricks is here to stay. We’ve seen some recent sweet productions on this side of YouTube land such as next year’s Avengers: Endgame, Pacific Rim Uprising, and even Bohemian Rhapsody. All these teaser trailers were animated using actual stop-motion techniques using LEGO pieces, and for a video game such as Fallout, it is quite ingenious to see how Bearly Legal managed to use LEGO Worlds as its platform and go full 3D to make some fun vignettes to upload online.

So what to do you think of this fan-made LEGO Fallout video teaser trailer? Sound-off your thoughts in the comments section below.

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