Another LEGO City Minfiigure Pack (40345) Adds More People, Stuff to Space Exploration Sets

lego 40342 40345 city ninjago character packs 2019

LEGO has so many irons in the fire, figuratively, that they can announce a wide variety of products simultaneously. While their fandom is still digesting the LEGO Stranger Things set, LEGO has been announcing smaller stuff like Minifigure Packs. These little collections of minifigs and accessories serve as nice “population boosters” for other, bigger sets.

While we were featuring the new LEGO Ninjago (40342) and City (40344) Minifigure Packs, sharp eyes may have noticed something. The Hoth Bricks source article had among its images some minifigs and props that weren’t part of the others. Is it a separate Minfigure Pack?

Yes it is. And now we know it to be a second LEGO City Minifigure Pack, numbered 40345. If you thought pack 40344’s summer theme clashed with the latest City set announcements, this one’s more appropriate. You will recall that the newest upcoming for LEGO City is a space exploration theme. This pack fits in.


The new LEGO City Minifigure Pack (40345) has four characters. We’ve got two astronauts in different spacesuits, a scientist and a hard-hat technician. The scientist and one of the astronauts are female too, for balance. Their accessories include a metal detector, jackhammer, wrench, laptop, camera, space rocks, and laboratory table.

One could picture this set of minifigures as a team of experts for returning space missions. They’d examine soil samples from the moon and Mars taken back by the astronauts. The “green rock” elements look mighty interesting under the “microscope.”

It’s likely a sure thing that LEGO City Minifigure Pack 40345 will come out at the same time as all the rest of its brethren. Minifig hunters ought to love collecting them for LEGO-set populations.

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