LEGO Ideas: Lepralego’s Magical Village Over the Bridge Gets 10-K Support

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The latest 10K-supported submission to the LEGO Ideas First 2022 Review Stage hits two trending criteria. First, this product idea adds to the all-too-common house/building set majority. Second, it joins two other builds in being “off-season,” as it were. First 2022 already have one idea for a winter cottage for Santa, plus an anniversary celebration of “The Polar Express.” The now-third aspiring set is also an original concept. Its creator Lepralego however found a way for his submission to stand out. Any old house or building is boring, Why not put the structure on someplace interesting, like on a bridge?

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That’s pretty much the gist for Lepralego’s “Magical Village Over the Bridge.” It takes the medieval-era convention of building houses on stone bridges and gives it a Christmas Village spin.

ideas lepralego magicalvillagebridge 2

Here we have a row of snow-covered shops lining one side of an arch bridge spanning a frozen river. These businesses are run by Elves for their number one customer: Santa Claus.

ideas lepralego magicalvillagebridge 3

Does he fancy a haircut? There’s a beard trimmer. Oh, and let’s not forget the Candy and Nutcracker shops too. For ease of access, the shop buildings are fully open at the back, to better showcase the interiors.

If you’ve been following our LEGO Ideas 10K submission updates, you might recognize Lepralego’s handle. This 10K Club Member also created “The Meeting Place,” which got into the preceding Review Stage. This LEGO Ideas Third 2021 is currently the focus of expert review after Second 2021 revealed its results late last February. If LEGO Ideas was like the lottery, Lepralego is technically a ticket-holder for both the current and upcoming “draws.” We wish him well for Meeting Place and now Magical Village Over the Bridge.

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