LEGO Sweeps Five Category Nominations for Second 2022 TOTY Awards

2022 Toy of the Year

Many awards ceremonies follow the standard of holding themselves on an annual basis. This is reasonable considering that trends change year after year, and companies on average roll out different new products annually. But sometimes, there can be so many products worthy of nominations in a year for certain awards. In that case, why not hold more than one ceremony annually? That’s precisely what the Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards has done this 2022. There was one earlier this year, and a second awards program this month. As expected, LEGO has its own nominations, and won in multiple categories.

According to The Brick Fan, the second 2022 Toy of the Year Awards was held Tuesday, September 20. In this edition, LEGO secured nominations to five toy categories and won every single time. True, this is less than the nominations for the earlier 2022 Awards (that had eight). But who can say anything bad about a nomination sweep? Congratulations to LEGO for their triumph. We can probably count on the winning products to get a sales bump going into the Holiday season. Let’s review them:

Collectible of the Year

The Muppets CMF (71033)

71033 13

Construction Toy of the Year

LEGO Marvel I Am Groot (76217)

76217 1

Grown-Up Toy of the Year

Ideas The Office (21336)

21336 1

Playset Toy of the Year

Super Mario Adventures with Peach Starter Course (71403)

71403 1

Vehicle Toy of the Year

Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (42141)

42141 1alt

In the earlier TOTY Awards 2022, LEGO won these same categories plus Preschool Toy, Specialty Toy and STEAM Toy. We can’t help but wonder if Toy of the Year will make this twice-a-year awarding schedule their new norm. If so, LEGO has twice the opportunities annually to impress the global toy community.

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