LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 Is Our Next Promotional Freebie

lego halloween add on pack

LEGO is adding more to the Halloween fun when it lifted the curtain for its latest addition to the LEGO polybag lineup. And just recently, has made it official with the reveal of the upcoming LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 polybag.

Unveiling the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 – the next GWP Set to Watch Out For

lego halloween add on pack
White bricks and other larger pieces are not included.

The LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 is a gift-with-purchase (GWP) set slated to cast a bewitching spell on builders, featuring a Halloween-themed extravaganza replete with an array of captivating elements.

This exclusive assortment boasts a menagerie of animals, an array of minifigure accessories, and a treasure trove of versatile pieces, including a duo of enchanting purple space helmets, medieval armor helmets, and a magician’s cap.

While LEGO has yet to officially confirm the purchase conditions for this year’s LEGO Halloween Add On Pack, the launch details of this exciting freebie are yet to be revealed. However, you can expect this post to be updated once more details roll in.

A Closer Look at the Elements Included in the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608

The selection of elements featured in this Halloween-themed pack is nothing short of tantalizing. Whether you’re embarking on smaller, spine-tingling projects or grand, eerie edifices, the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 provides the creative LEGO pieces to unlock your creative brick-building potential.

If you’re thinking of tackling larger LEGO projects just in time for Halloween, then you might want to collect a bunch of these bags. That means you’ll have a lot of cool pieces to use for your spooky creations. I really like these packs and think they’re a great example of how LEGO always goes the extra mile in giving you plenty of building options.

Even though the VIP packs are limited by the fact that they are exclusives, it’s nice to see that this tradition is still alive and well in the new LEGO Insiders program. That way, both new and longtime LEGO fans can keep enjoying these awesome sets.

A Tradition of Themed Add On Packs

If you recall, the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 has its predecessors in the form of other themed add on polybags. Frankly, the concept is somewhat similar to the LEGO xtra theme, with the Add On packs basically offering significantly more LEGO elements and pieces that revolve around a particular concept. The LEGO VIP Add On Packs from 2021 represent a wide spectrum of themes such as Winterland, pirates, fun and funky, and similar spooky fun pieces. There’s also a Lunar New Year VIP Add On Pack that was released last year in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Be sure to check the details and official images of the LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608 by visiting the affiliate link below.  Keep your radars up so you’ll never miss a bit about this exclusive offering.

LEGO Halloween Add On Pack 40608

118 pieces | Gift-With-Purchase Set | Release Date to be Announced

40608 alt1

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