LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599) Revealed!

lego houses of the world 4

In an exciting revelation courtesy of the’s official building instructions page, we’re granted our first glimpse into the much-anticipated LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599) gift-with-purchase (GWP) set.

Exploring This Mini Architectural Wonder – LEGO Houses of the World 4 (40599)

lego houses of the world 4

The latest addition to the celebrated Houses of the World series has been unveiled. This remarkable promotional set pays homage to diverse global architectural marvels, taking LEGO enthusiasts on a worldwide journey.

With previous stops in South America, North Africa, and Europe, the series now embarks on an Asian adventure, beautifully encapsulated in the form of this upcoming promotional set.

Chinese Inspirations Unveiled in the LEGO Houses of the World 4 

lego houses of the world 4

The latest LEGO Houses of the World GWP draws inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of China. This mini-build masterpiece showcases intricate climbing blossoms, captivating curved roof details, and a striking palette of red and gold accents. Comprising a total of 318 pieces, it proudly rests on an elegant black base, in keeping with the design philosophy of its three esteemed predecessors.

Release Details and Availability for this Next LEGO Houses of the World GWP

While the official release date and minimum spend requirement have yet to be officially confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that the LEGO Houses of the World 4 will follow the same qualifying criteria as its predecessors: £220 / $250 / €250.

To secure this exclusive gift-with-purchase set, one is likely to need LEGO Insider status. If you haven’t already joined, now is the perfect opportunity. This exciting announcement follows closely on the heels of another LEGO GWP revelation, hinting at a meticulously planned schedule for future complimentary offerings from the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Houses of the World GWP series continues to captivate LEGO fans worldwide, and the upcoming release of this next brick-built display promises to be yet another cultural and architectural masterpiece in brick form.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates, and don’t miss your chance to add this splendid freebie to your LEGO collection.

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